Welcome to Software Licensing's Webstore!

Welcome to Software Licensing's webstore, where you can safely purchase and download a variety of (academic) software licensed to Stanford. Select from the software titles above or click on the link at the bottom to start shopping.

Special Instructions and Common Questions:

  • Important instructions for successful order entry: Complete Step-by-Step Instructions.

  • Order Approved? Someone ordered software for you? Retrieve Your Software 1-2-3!
    1. Look at the top of this page and click "Your Account".
    2. Click on the name of the software.
    3. Instructions for download and install are under "Items."

  • Why do I periodically have to re-verify my identity in this webstore?
      Stanford is a place of many and changing relationships; for example, students may become alums or employees may leave the university. Because most licenses are annually renewed, our contractual requirements include an expiration date on your verification. When you re-verify, your affiliation is checked against Stanford's directory for the most current affiliation. Software Licensing thanks you for helping us comply with the terms of our contracts.

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